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What we do

Distribution and Warehousing Network Limited (DAWN) is listed in the Construction and Materials – Building Materials and Fixtures sector of the JSE Limited and its head office is based in Germiston, Gauteng.

The group manufactures and distributes quality branded hardware, sanitaryware, plumbing, kitchen, engineering and civil products through an international, strategically positioned branch network in South Africa and selected countries in the rest of Africa and Mauritius.

DAWN has significant proprietary brands and agency agreements with prominent suppliers and also sources branded products from a well-established supplier network, both locally and internationally.

The group has two main operating segments, namely building and infrastructure, reflecting the main exposures to the markets it serves.

DAWN distributes approximately 50 000 product lines sourced through more than 2 700 suppliers to over 13 000 customers in the building and infrastructure sectors. DAWN logistic's arm offers just-in-time break-bulk distribution through its fleet of more than 260 vehicles and trailer on a national basis with over-border deliveries to Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia.

Products are distributed through an international, strategically positioned distribution network in sub-Saharan African countries such as South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In addition to South Africa, manufacturing operations are located in Namibia with joint venture manufacturing operations in Mauritius and Tanzania and an associate in Angola.

Supply Chain

Group Strategy and Purpose

DAWN's business model is to be the master distributor in targeted industry sectors. The model's competitive advantage centres on the broad disposable income and population distribution in the markets it serves. This creates a number of barriers to entry for competitors, such as a high establishment cost, together with a requirement for technical expertise in its warehouse and logistics services. Traditional carriers are not geared for break-bulk storage and distribution. DAWN's key competitive advantage is vested in its 100% coverage of southern African markets through its "milk-run" distribution model, combined with its break-bulk and just-in-time service.
DAWN's holistic approach to manufacturing and distributing quality branded and globally competitive products to the building, construction, infrastructure, DIY, mining & petrochemical and agricultural industries, will promote the future sustainability and growth of the Group and national economies.
The DAWN group seeks to achieve exemplary fulfilment of its commitment to its employees, in a healthy environment free of discrimination, in which it can attract and foster talent on the basis of a long-term vision. DAWN enhances its human capital by:
  • ensuring that it is contributing positively towards meeting human needs such as subsistence, freedom and security, but also identity, empathy, creativity and leisure;
  • giving employees access to training, development and lifelong learning;
  • creating an enabling environment for learning, innovation and sharing of knowledge;
  • respecting human rights throughout its operations and geographical regions;
  • understanding and respecting human values and their different cultural contexts;
  • implementing diversity policies that enable the group to access the variety of human talent and eliminate discrimination;
  • ensuring health and safety, incorporating physical and mental well-being;
  • providing fair remuneration for employees and business partners;
  • creating opportunities for varied and satisfying work;
  • adopting fair labour standards;
  • ensuring employees' alignment with and support for DAWN's governance framework, risk management approach and ethical values; and
  • enabling employees to understand, develop and implement DAWN's strategy as well as their ability to lead, manage and
  • collaborate.

To be the master distributor in our targeted industry sectors; achieved through being the chosen distributor of our suppliers, a channel dominant supplier to our customers and an employer of choice for our staff.

To repeatedly innovate, develop and adapt; to make our business more forward-thinking and sustainable for all stakeholders.

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